1 kilo of Gold or 1 acre of land?

The gold price is somewhere around $ 54.000 per kilo... and after thinking a bit.... For the same amount of money i can own a beachfront lot.... But why should i buy apiece of land...??? Why not the gold?

I am not a financial expert,  I am a real estate guy that specializes in selling land in the Dominican Republic, so perhaps my story is a little bit colored... But i like land as an investment for several reasons.

You can use the land. Which is very important. Just try and take a bite from your piece of gold... On land you can grow food, you can shape it, explore for water, enjoy it or build on it. With a nice piece of land, fertile, you can live without any problems from that piece of land. Then we have the famous saying "“Buy land, they’re not making any more of it.” Ok, i now, everybody who is selling land is using it... Private land-ownership is essential for a government. We pay taxes over our properties which the government in return uses for assisting the people from its country.

Remember that the most wealthy guys in the world made their fortune with land investments. Ok, besides the guys from Facebook, Google and Apple. But for sure these guys own land...

So if i had to choose... for me a piece of land.

Oct 15, 2011