The zipline in Samana

The zipline is open. The new zipline at in Samana is open. The zipline is located on the road to Playa el Valle. You can not miss it. The large wooden towers at each side of the road.

The zipline in Samana offers 14 spectacular ziplines.

Its adventures and spectacular. The Samana Zipline Walk the Plank is part of the new eco adventure envirement will is in development in and around Playa el Valle.

Playa el Valle:

  • spectacular beach (where Shakira and Brad Pitt own the right part, after the rock)
  • national park
  • natural environment
  • bird watching
  • several local beach bars and restaurants
  • waterfalls and rivers

Coming at Playa el Valle:

  • eco-villas
  • eco-lodging
  • horse riding
  • dune buggy tours

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