Coconut farms for sale Dominican Republic at Samana

"The tree of life".... In Samana at the Dominican Republic you will find the highest coconut density from the Caribbean, perhaps from the world. We have many options in coconut farms here in Samana. Also in other places in the Domrep. With a little bit of luck the coconut farm is also a beachfront property...

A coconut farm is an easy to handle farm. The very strong coconut grows itself and produces 4 times a year coconuts. Production comes by nature without hard labour. You only need to collect it.

Everything is possible with a coconut farm. Turn a coconut farm lot into a multi-crop coconut farm. intercrop a fertile coconut farm with lakatan and cardaba bananas, lanzones, durian, cacao and ginger, to increase income. Samana has the highest coconut density in the world. Only here on this small peninsula more than 200 million m2 or 5.000 acres.

You processing coconut byproducts. There is coco milk, coco oil, etc. Then the easy to make brooms from coconut fronts and vinegar from coconut water.

The coconut water "is unctuous, sweet, increasing semen, promoting digestion and clearing the urinary path." A very healthy water and one of the reasons that they call it the "Tree of life".

And then the coco fibre. The coir. You can use it as a basic product for many end products like mattresses, floor mats, doormats, brushes, etc. Technically coir is the fibrous material between the hard, internal shell and the outside coat of a coconut. Then upholstery padding, sacking and horticulture. White coir is harvested from unripe coconuts, and is used for making finer brushes, string, rope and fishing nets.

Coir provides a natural, non-toxic replacement for asbestos in the production of cement fiberboard. The fiber-reinforced concrete is strong, flexible and may be less expensive to produce than other reinforcement methods such as wire mesh or rebar, according to a paper by Ben Davis of Georgia Tech University. Worldwide coconut farms for sale, you will find the best ones in the Dominican Republic.

A dead coconut tree can by cut down and the wood can used for making eco-houses.


We have several coconut farms for sale in the Dominican Republic. In different sizes starting from 250 acres = 1 million m2 = 100 ha.

All these coconut farms are in the same region at the north coast.

All these farms are natural family farms.


Average prices do at this moment (september 2013) 35.000 - 40.000 pesos per tarea which is today :

*price per acre = 225137 pesos / 5,297 usd (at 42,5 pesos per dollar exchange).


Example from 2200 tares farm = 342 acres = 138,3 ha. Good access. Nagua region at north coast. Around 1.5 hrs drive to port over highway.

Asking price from this farm is 2,07 million usd.

Tree density:

64 trees per acre. 75% is occupied with trees, rest is open and cacao.

So total 256 acres with trees = 16.385 coconut trees.

Verification and control:

Together wit the sales contract comes a special certification where the production numbers are verified.

Age of trees:

Parts are 5 and other parts 15 years old. So young coconuts. Perfect for the liquid.


every 4 month around 160.000 coconuts. Yearly 480.000 coconuts. Around 30 coconuts per year per tree. Which is normal for a local farm.

Calculation and costs:

Coconut price 14-16 pesos each. Yearly around 480.000 coconuts = 7.680.000 pesos is 180,705 usd (at 42,5 pesos per dollar).

-fixed employee for managing the farm 78.000 pesos yearly = 1860 usd

-no insurance

-yearly taxes rural farm land 10.000 pesos = 238 usd

-sales price from the coco last years between 14-16 pesos each. This means cut, cleaned, the shelve taken of and ready for transport next the road.

-every 4 month harvest at 1,4 pesos per coco. A special brigade will come in, take the cocos uot, clean them, cut them, take the shelve of and bring them to the road for transport.


There is 25% not occupied with coconuts. This is open land and land occupied with cacao and grass for cows. Space for nursery here is possible.


The water comes in by tubes and inside and surrounded by streams. Water is free of charge. Also yearly rainfall in that zone is perfect for the trees.


Farm is free of deceases. Can be checked without any problems.

    Ask us for more information on what is available in coconut farms in the Dominican Republic.

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