St Lucia land for sale

St Lucia in the Caribbean is a beautiful island, that is for sure. Otherwise you where not looking in google for "St Lucia Land for sale"...

And to be honest... i mislead you a tiny bit... I personally know St Lucia. In fact, i know all the islands in the Caribbean. I sailed there for almost 7 years. So i know a little bit what i am talking about.

I ended up in Samana, where my sailing journey ended and now living ashore, selling and buying Land. Yes, Samana in the Dominican Republic.

And perhaps you will think the same like me when people talked to me about the Dominican Republic... Perhaps you will say "not there!!!"

I did the same. But i went. I have to say with a negative impression!!! I went for Samana... And after 3 days i bought a piece of Land !!! And started building my first villa!!!

So i want you to take a look at Samana! Why? Because it's simular size than St Lucia, nature is the same but what is better: we have far more beaches in Samana, we have international direct flight connections with almost all countries, perfect infrastructure and the BEST landprices from the Caribbean.