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Playa Ermitano for sale
*** SAMANA / Playa El Valle
Land Size : 75,000 m²
US$ 2,625,000

One the most finest beaches at Samana for sale, Playa Ermitano. One of the very few spectacular beaches. A small paradise. Perfect for a hidden resort. Details »

Small Las Terrenas building lots
*** SAMANA / Las Terrenas
Land Size : 753 m²
Sold for US$ - on 2016-09-05 19:29

3 small lots for sale on a decent location in Las Terrenas. Close to beach and close to town. Details »

Oceanfront land Samana
*** SAMANA / Playa El Valle
Land Size : 4,000 m²
Sold for US$ - on 2016-09-05 19:24

Oceanfront property for sale direct at the ocean. With around 4o meters of water front wide. Very close to Playa el Valle. Perfect piece of land. Details »

Land Size : 1,800,000 m²
US$ 55,000,000

Large beachfront property for sale in Macao next to Punta Cana. Around 1.8 km beachfront wide and 1.8 km is touching a river that goes into the ocean. Details »

Land Size : 629,000 m²
US$ 15,725,000

Large property for sale in Sabana del Mar, next to Miches, directly at the beach with potential for investor. Details »

Beachfront lot Playa el Valle Samana
*** SAMANA / Playa El Valle
Land Size : 3,838 m²
US$ 307,040

Beachfront building lot at 80 usd per m2. 25,6 meters of water/beachfront. At Playa el Valle in Samana. Perfect for building a private villa. Details »

Huge farm for sale 8705 acres
Center DR / Santiago
Land Size : 35,000,000 m²
US$ -

Huge farm land for sale with fertile land. Lots of rainfall. Total land is 35,2 million m2 = 8705 acres. Price per acre is 945 usd. Details »

Farm for sale Nagua
*** SAMANA / Nagua
Land Size : 2,350,000 m²
Sold for US$ - on 2012-09-07 09:21

Farm for sale in Nagua with fertile land. Several streams on the property and next to a good road. Around 2.35 million m2. Details »

Land for hotel Resort for sale
*** SAMANA / Playa El Valle
Land Size : 45,000,000 m²
US$ 135,000,000

Large 11.000 acres beachfront/waterfront lot for sale for hotel or resort complex. The land has a combination from 2.5 km of oceanfront. Details »

Punta Cana Bavaro Beachfront land
Punta Cana Region / Macao
Land Size : 50,000 m²
Sold for US$ - on 2016-04-11 10:53

Punta Cana land for sale at the beach. directly and in between famous resorts and hotels. Price for property 300.000 m2 total at 90 usd per m2. Details »