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Agriculture & Farmland Azua
Barahona Region / Azua
Land Size : 929,030.4 m²
US$ 1,480,000

The Azua region has large lots for sale for agriculture purposes. For alternative energy like jatropha. Details »

Land Size : 16,500,000 m²
US$ 50,000,000

Material calitsche mine with 500 million m3 reserve for sale in the Dominican Republic. With permits. Details »

2800 acres farm for sale
Center DR / Monte Plata
Land Size : 11,000,000 m²
Sold for US$ - on 2012-09-07 09:20

Large farm for sale in Monte Plata. With titles. Very fertile land. Details »

Material mine for sale
Center DR / Santiago
Land Size : 11,500,000 m²
US$ 12,000,000

Material mine for sale in the Dominican Republic. Company and permits available. Details »

Huge farm for sale 8705 acres
Center DR / Santiago
Land Size : 35,000,000 m²
US$ -

Huge farm land for sale with fertile land. Lots of rainfall. Total land is 35,2 million m2 = 8705 acres. Price per acre is 945 usd. Details »

Land for hotel Resort for sale
*** SAMANA / Playa El Valle
Land Size : 45,000,000 m²
US$ 135,000,000

Large 11.000 acres beachfront/waterfront lot for sale for hotel or resort complex. The land has a combination from 2.5 km of oceanfront. Details »

Sugarcane-biofuel land for sale
Center DR / Monte Plata
Land Size : 10,000,000 m²
US$ -

Large tracks of land for sale in Dominican Republic for biofuel, alternative energy like jatropha and sugar cane. Details »

Land Size : 12,198,700 m²
US$ 15,000,000

Large fruit farm for sale in the Dominican Republic. Most technologically advanced farm in the Dominican Republic. Unique drop irrigation system. Details »

Land Size : 51,600,000 m²
US$ -

Huge limestone mine for sale Dominican Republic. Details »