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Farm for sale Nagua
*** SAMANA / Nagua
Land Size : 2,350,000 m²
Sold for US$ - on 2012-09-07 09:21

Farm for sale in Nagua with fertile land. Several streams on the property and next to a good road. Around 2.35 million m2. Details »

Waterfront mountain Samana for sale
*** SAMANA / Playa El Valle
Land Size : 12,000 m²
Sold for US$ - on 2012-09-07 09:17

Very nice land for sale in Samana on a first line mountain touching the ocean. A oceanfront property. 4 lots for sale between 12.000 - 16.000 m2. Each lot has Details »

Boca Chica oceanfront lot for sale with cliff
Santo Domingo Region / Boca Chica
Land Size : 2,500 m²
Sold for US$ - on 2012-09-07 09:20

Building lot for sale in the best part from Boca Chica. The lot is directly at the ocean, with a cliff in front. No beach. Within walking distance restaurants. Details »

Land Size : 4,400,000 m²
Sold for US$ - on 2012-09-07 15:23

Huge piece of land for sale. 1000 acres of fine Farm land in the Dominican Republic. Most of it flat or very low hills. rivers inside. Perfect for cows. Details »

Sugarcane-biofuel land for sale
Center DR / Monte Plata
Land Size : 10,000,000 m²
US$ -

Large tracks of land for sale in Dominican Republic for biofuel, alternative energy like jatropha and sugar cane. Details »

Miches beachfront land for sale
Punta Cana Region / Miches
Land Size : 4,000,000 m²
US$ -

More than 400 ha or 1000 acres of beachfront land for sale in Miches, at the north east coast. Around 900 meters beachfront. Around 80 ha is wet land. Details »

Building lots at the beach for sale
*** SAMANA / Playa El Valle
Land Size : 750 m²
Sold for US$ - on 2012-02-16 19:51

Special ocean and beach view building lots with payment plan. Close for 5.000 usd!!! Details »

Cheap land Samana
*** SAMANA / Playa El Valle
Land Size : 400 m²
Sold for US$ - on 2016-09-05 19:28

Several cheap lots for sale in Samana at Playa El Valle. Several lots from around 400 m2. Flat land, next to road, with water and electricity. Details »

Land Size : 51,600,000 m²
US$ -

Huge limestone mine for sale Dominican Republic. Details »

Playa Rincon land for sale
*** SAMANA / Playa Rincon
Land Size : 7,000,000 m²
US$ -

One of the most famous and most spectacular beachfront properties for sale in the Caribbean: Playa Rincon. Details »