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Farm for sale Nagua
*** SAMANA / Nagua
Land Size : 2,350,000 m²
Sold for US$ - on 2012-09-07 09:21

Farm for sale in Nagua with fertile land. Several streams on the property and next to a good road. Around 2.35 million m2. Details »

Land Size : 4,400,000 m²
Sold for US$ - on 2012-09-07 15:23

Huge piece of land for sale. 1000 acres of fine Farm land in the Dominican Republic. Most of it flat or very low hills. rivers inside. Perfect for cows. Details »

Land Size : 1,250,000 m²
US$ 950,000

Farm for sale with coconuts and grass. Also perfect for eco-project. Close to airport. Details »

Land Size : 12,198,700 m²
US$ 15,000,000

Large fruit farm for sale in the Dominican Republic. Most technologically advanced farm in the Dominican Republic. Unique drop irrigation system. Details »

Land Size : 100,000 m²
US$ 400,000

Looking for agriculture land? Land for crops, pasture, cow farms, fruit farms, coffee and cacao farms, large banana or tomato farms. Details »

Eco fruit farm for sale
Center DR / Santiago
Land Size : 600,000 m²
US$ 650,000

Unique farm for sale in the center of the Dominican Republic. Around 600.000 m2. Owners house (250m2) with pool and 3 bedrooms. Details »

Land Size : 4,700,000 m²
US$ 2,950,000

Large cattle farm for sale in the Dominican Republic. The property has River and there are dozens of springs and small creeks. Details »